Specializing in individualized treatment based on whole body assessment

with an emphasis on manual work and functional exercise.

Linda received her BS in Physical Therapy from UTMB in Galveston, Texas in 1976.  She has then practiced in a diverse range of PT environments, developing an emphasis on outpatient PT, exercise, and wellness.  As a lifelong passionate learner, she has taken over 100 hours of new PT coursework per year every year of her 42+ years of practice. She began looking at the whole body after taking classes under Gary Gray, PT.  These teachings shaped her current standard of care, focused heavily on functional exercise and looking at the individual as a whole. She was next influenced by taking courses from the Institute of Physical Art.    

She further developed her skill in manual therapy and neuromuscular re-education to improve whole body function through continued study. For the last 10+ years, Linda has taken coursework through the Barral Institute. Her current treatment techniques are all manual and based on a technique of “listening” to the body to help determine best treatment. This whole-body approach encompasses manual techniques for joint, muscle, vasculature, and neural tissues. Most recently, she became one of the first PTs to become a certified neural manipulation practitioner. She is also now a teaching assistant in the lab for many of the Barral Institute’s courses.

What a privilege to be treated by Linda.

She has a compassionate heart, gentle, skilled hands, and a deep knowledge of anatomy.

She listened to my system, identified restrictions and treated to improve my functioning beyond my expectations.

T.H., PT

Being a physical therapist myself, I realize that there are many facets to a person’s pain and dysfunction.  Linda has been able to find some very valuable “pieces to my puzzle”, and I am so grateful!  She is gentle, intuitive and highly skilled.  I recommend her especially if you have chronic problems that have been resistant to change. 

L.M., PT