The initial treatment session for all new patients will include a comprehensive evaluation encompassing the whole body, followed by treatment as time allows. The main goal of this session is for me to gain an understanding of the presenting problem and any compensations currently being used. This ensures that future treatment that is directed at the primary restriction.


Initial treatment will be 55 minutes and the fee will be $130 (includes tax). Follow up treatment will be 55 minutes and will be $100 plus tax : $107.88.


Conditions treated: The physical therapy I provide is a good treatment option for all musculoskeletal pain conditions including neck and thoracic spine/rib cage pain, low back and pelvic pain, headache, TMJ pain, as well as pain into upper or lower extremities. I also address neural symptoms such as burning or numbness/tingling, dysfunctional movement patterns, specific weakness, scapular dyskinesis, pelvic asymmetry, and weakness of core and pelvic floor muscles. Stress or urge incontinence, post-partum pain and weakness or pelvic pain are all indications for physical therapy interventions that can be addressed in the clinic.

Manual Therapy

Treatments provided may include joint, spine and soft tissue
mobilization as well as myofascial release, neural manipulation, and visceral
manipulation. As a Certified Neural Manipulation Practitioner through the Barral Institute, I am equipped to address neural issues with manual treatment. Specific descriptions of Barral Institute techniques can be found on the Barral Institute website. I have also received training through the Barral Institute in: visceral manipulation, vascular manipulation, manual articular techniques as well as evaluation techniques of general listening/local listening and listening of the neural tissues.

Through the Institute of Physical Art, I have received extensive training in specific functional mobilization techniques for the upper and lower quadrants.


Therapeutic Exercise

I have also received extensive training on PNF (proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation), a form of neurologically-focused exercise techniques, through the Institute of Physical Art. I also employ exercises from the course Exercise as an Adjunct to Manual Therapy offered by Mark Bookhout, PT (Michigan State University). Finally, I use functional exercise techniques as taught by Gary Gray, DPT. PT (Gray Institute) to incorporate the whole body into functional exercise.


Women’s Health

I have received extensive training in treating issues of the pelvis, pre and post-partum, as well as continence issues. My training includes Herman and Wallace courses, Barral Institute visceral courses, and Pelvic course through the APTA.



My training includes specific work on postural considerations and how to use supports and change postural habits. I provide exercises to improve posture as well as manual techniques to improve postural positions.

Philosophy Statement: I primarily see myself as a resource for those seeking whole body/holistic care. My goal is to provide treatment to those experiencing pain that has not been relieved by basic medication or physical therapy and to those who do not have sufficient treatment options covered by insurance available to them. I strive to give each and every patient my full attention during their course of treatment and provide quality one on one care to the best of my ability to do so. If I am unable to adequately resolve the issues for which you seek treatment, I will attempt to find you a practitioner. I can also work with your treatment team to provide excellent care in the PT realm.

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